Training courses and personnel development

Training is an area that continues to be a challenge for some companies. Although this is an investment in human resources, the personnel are either too busy to deliver or receive the training, they may think that training is just a waste of time or they may feel that they have been long enough with the company that they do not need any training. Moreover, the training system itself can at times become so bureaucratic that the person taking care of the system is most of the time struggling with the amount of paperwork and data inputs that he / she has to handle.
Pharmalence Ltd. can assist you with delivering the training necessary to your personnel. This may either be a standard, routine course such as a general GMP training or else a more specific course that is tailor made for your company's particular scenario. We suggest that GMP training is always tailor made for a particular company and depending on the nature of non-conformances that historically were most commonly observed. This makes the course more interactive because the personnel can relate more to what is being said and also helps in reducing the non-conformances observed.
In addition to GMP courses, we can also provide training that is more technical in nature. Such training is typically aimed at an individual or a small group of employees. The list below gives an outline of some of the courses that we can deliver:

  1. GMP / GLP / GDP Training
  2. Internal Auditing
  3. Statistics for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  4. Sampling Plans
  5. Statistical Process Control & Control Charts
  6. Principles of Six Sigma
  7. Lean Manufacturing
  8. Process Validation
  9. Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Industry: An overview of processes used to manufacture solid oral dosage forms
  10. FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) as a tool for risk management
  11. Cleanroom design and qualification
  12. Introduction to industrial microbiology as applied to the manufacturing of medical devices and medicinals
  13. Principles and practice of sterilization
  14. Sterilization validation (steam, ethylene oxide, gamma or e-beam)

Contact Us to ask for a quotation or if you would like to discuss a particular training that is not listed above.