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About Us
Pharmalence Limited was founded by Etienne Cassar after 16 years experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. A pharmacist by profession, he started his career working in the medical device industry as a sterilization, microbiology and calibration co-ordinator within the quality assurance department. He was then promoted to QA Section Manager with added responsibilities related to Quality Assurance, including supplier auditing and also involvement in design control, logistics, engineering, maintenance and manufacturing. He was eventually promoted to QA Manager and Management Representative of the facility before leaving the company and the island of Malta to join a Medical Device Manufacturing facility in Ireland. In this facility he was employed as a QA Sterilization Engineer where he was involved in the validation of sterilization cycles employing the technologies of ethylene oxide, gamma and e-beam irradiation. After this experience, he returned to Malta and he started his part of his career related to the pharmaceutical industry, where his first employment was that of a formulation officer in a solid oral dosage forms generic manufacturing facility. This gave him the opportunity to get hands-on experience of pharmaceutical manufacturing and the various effects of critical parameters on chemical and physical properties of solid oral dosage forms. Etienne's next job was that of a Quality Assurance Manager and Qualified Person in a relatively new generics manufacturing facility. Before founding Pharmalence Limited, he was employed as a QA Departmental Manager for the research and development division of a generics pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.
Pharmalence Limited aims to provide the best consultancy and outsourcing services to the Life Sciences industry with particular focus to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.